Cubs v. Giants – April 13, 2013

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Race to Wrigley 5K

Here are a few of the photos I took at the Race to Wrigley 5k in Chicago.

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The Kevin Ware Shuffle

Here is a little tribute to a player who helped define a team. Heart. Ambition. Brotherhood.













Sometimes, you just have to dance it out. Louisville first, Cards forever.

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Joe’s Barbershop, Est. 1968

Joe’s Barbershop, in Chicago’s Logan Square, has stood the test of time. The shop and its staff work hard to carry on the tradition of proper barbering. You might want to change the quality to 720p.

For more information on Joe’s, you can visit their website or check them out on Facebook.

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Superhero Science: UIC students build ‘SpiderSense’ suit

Have you ever wanted superpowers? Students at the University of Illinois at Chicago have built a suit mimicking Spider-Man’s “SpiderSense” by using sensory receptors to “feel” their environment.

Read the full story at Medill.

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Aspirin may lower the risk of melanoma in women.

Aspirin is not just for headaches anymore. A recent study found that women who take aspirin have a lower risk of developing melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, than women who do not take it.

Read the full story at Medill.

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Doctors warn against attention-boosting drugs for undiagnosed kids

The American Academy of Neurology took a formal stance Wednesday on the use of attention-altering drugs by children who do not have a formal diagnosis. In a position paper, the academy outlined the ethical issues for treating healthy children with such drugs, a concept known as neuroenhancement.

Read the full story at The Northwest Indiana Times.

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3D Printed Ears Could Lead the Way to Transplants

Bioengineers at Cornell University are 3D printing human ears. The scientists began printing ears to combat microtia, a congenital defect where a child is born with an undeveloped ear, typically on one side. Researchers hope to implant a printed ear optimistically within the next three years. Read the full story at Medill.

Courtesy of Lindsay France/University Photography

Courtesy of Lindsay France/University Photography

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Kumbuya goes Tribal on the Web.

Internet users are inundated with options for social media, but Chicago-based Kumbuya believes there is still a space to fill. The web application allows users to create “tribes” based around a central theme. The creators of the tribe become the “fearless leaders” and help to populate the tribe with content. Users can also sell items through the tribe, with the fearless leader getting revenue for facilitating the transaction.

See the video at Medill.

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Apps, Tech Drive Industry Changes at the Chicago Auto Show


The Chicago Auto Show is set to open this Saturday, with technology driving major changes in the automobile industry. The apps you use on your phone are now in your dashboard and consumers have more choices to make than ever.

Read the full story at the Northwest Indiana Times.

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